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I know it is still the middle of winter, at least that is the case for all of the brides living in the Northern hemisphere. But yesterday, when I went to IKEA for some furniture shopping and saw their collection of spring flowers, ideas for spring weddings started to bubble in my head. If I could make my wedding again, I would still choose to have it in the spring.

Spring wedding gives people a rejuvenating and energetic feeling. Spring flowers are plentiful, pretty and relatively cheap, especially daffodils. Daffodils are everywhere in the spring, they are on the streets, in the park, in all the flower stores and supermarkets, you could even grow them yourselves some months in advance with the bulbs. That’s why I think a daffodil wedding is a splendid idea! So there, you have one spring budget wedding idea.

Daffodils most commonly come in white and yellow, however it seems that the yellow version is a lot more popular and easy to find.  You can also use both yellow and white daffodils together in your wedding, alone or in combinations with other flowers.

daffodils spring wedding

Daffodil bridal bouquet

You can have one bouquet of only daffodils or combine with other spring flowers. Some other flowers that could be used in your spring wedding are tulips, peonies, forsythia and lily of the valley. Daffodils are also very beautiful when combined with roses and orchid for a more glamorous and formal look.

Daffodil spring wedding bouquet

Daffodil wedding cake

Like other narcissus flowers, daffodils contain certain toxics, mostly found in their leaves and bulbs, thus you should not put any fresh daffodils on your wedding cake. However you can use yellow ribbons around the cake or decorate it with sugar flowers so that it will suit the theme.

daffodil wedding cakes

Daffodil wedding centerpieces

Daffodil is a very versatile flower, you can create either a formal or casual look for your wedding with it. Big bunches of daffodils in glass vases could create a nice sophisticated look while potted plants give a relaxed, garden wedding feel.

Daffodil centerpieces

 If you are into vintage wedding themes, you can utilize tea tins or glass jars for your centerpieces. I absolutely love this look! The jar, piece of rug and the green ribbon give it a nice vintage and rustic feel. The lemon piece is also a very fresh and “springish” idea!

daffodils vintage centerpieces
Daffodil vintage centerpiece – Image from blondiensc.typepad.com

Many people call daffodil a supermarket flower. However I think it would make beautiful flower for a spring wedding. And did I mention it’s cheap too? You could also use daffodil as a wedding favor for your guests. It could be a potted plant or bulbs for their garden.

daffodils wedding favors

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