About Me and My Wedding

I am Jen and I had my wedding in the spring of 2011. My wedding was a cosy one with 55 guests and the reception was held in a small hall with old paintings in golden frames. The colors of the wedding were gold – white and green. As our wedding was taken place in Finland – the country of lily of the valley, I got the great pleasure to pick all the flowers from the forest for the wedding! I made myself a small bouquet full of these little heavenly bells (the picture was taken in the end of the event, when the bouquet looked so sad already!).

My lily of the valley bouquet
My lily of the valley bouquet

The wedding was wonderful, however the pictures did not turn out to be very good as we did not hire a professional photographer for the reception party. The wedding had made me realize that I had a passion for wedding planning or anything wedding related. This website was made in that spirit and was dedicated to help all of the brides out there plan their own dreamy and fabulous wedding!

If you have any wedding problems and want some advice, have stories that you want to contribute or want to request any information, please drop me an email at [email protected]. I would love to hear from all of you! 🙂



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