Pink wedding shoes and inspirations for a pastel pink wedding

Today while wandering online, I found these absolutely beautiful pink wedding shoes (or pastel pink to be accurate) that I have to share right away. The color is so lovely and the pastel flowers attached to the back of the shoes make they look so dreamy and romantic!

pink wedding shoes

Pastel pink is one of mine favorite colors. I’m not so much a bright pink lover but I’m crazy over anything that is pastel pink. I think this color is so so lovely for a romantic spring or winter wedding (Yes, pastel pink can make a wonderful winter wedding color when combined with light blue!). For brides that decide to wear comfortable flats for their wedding, the good news is that pastel pink looks even cuter for flats, especially those ballerina shoes. They have a bit of a nostalgic look that are perfect for vintage style brides.

pink wedding shoes

Below are other cute pastel pink stuff for your inspirations:

Super girly pastel pink wedding cake:

pastel pink wedding cakePhoto credit: Martha Stewart

Fall 2011 pink wedding dress by Walters, what a stunning piece!

pastel pink wedding dress

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