Paper Pinwheel Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

Want something different and unique for your wedding? Why not cheer your guests up with happy and cheerful paper pinwheels? Pinwheel weddings are fun, whimsical and a bit nostalgic as they remind us with summer days in our childhood. Pinwheels are thus perfect decorating items for vintage, garden and summer weddings. Your whole wedding will be filled with fun and vibrant vibes with these fun pinning wonder wheels. And the great part is that these pinwheels are very simple to make and the supplies are cheap so you can save a lot in your wedding decorations.

Below are some ideas and inspirations from previous pinwheel weddings to get you started with:

Paper pinwheel centerpieces

pinwheel wedding centerpieces{Photos by You Can’t Be Serious via polkadotbride}

paper pinwheel wedding centerpieces{photos by Marianne Wilson photography via weddingchicks}

Pinwheel wedding cakes

It’s very easy to match your wedding cake to the pinwheel theme: just put the paper pinwheels on your wedding cake! If you are having a pinwheel themed wedding, remember to have a wedding cake that is not too colorful. Your best bet is a light colored and monotone wedding cake so that the pinwheels can pop. You can also coordinate the color of your wedding cake with the color of the pinwheels you put on it. For example if your wedding colors are blue and green, you can have a green wedding cake with blue pinwheels on it.

pinwheel wedding cakes {photo by Three Photographers via realetsyweddings}

pinwheel wedding cakes{via pinwhirl parties}

Pinwheel wedding bouquets

You can either just have a floral wedding bouquet with colors of your wedding or ask the florist to add the paper pinwheels into your bouquet. You can even go a step further and have a bouquet only made of paper pinwheels! How cool is that?

pinwheel wedding bouquets{via elegala}

paper pinwheel wedding bouquet{you can buy at etsy}

Personally I love this pinwheel theme a lot and regret a bit because I didn’t have this theme at my wedding. The pinwheels just feel so summery and the kids would love it! Oh and before I forget, oncewed has a very good tutorial on how to make paper pinwheels. Good luck and have fun with this theme!

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