Spring wedding ideas: Colors for a spring wedding

If there is a season that I think is so right for a wedding, that is spring. Spring is considered as a fresh start for a new year, just like a wedding is a start for the long journey ahead for the married couple. Spring wedding colors are also very special, there are two groups of colors that are perfect for a wedding in spring: the bright and the pastels. The pastels are light and fading colors, pastel colors for a spring wedding are usually pastel green, light blue, ivory, white, periwinkle and light pink. The bright colors are in deeper shades, such as yellow, orange, pink, dark green, lavender, and chocolate. Even though these two groups seem to be very different from each other, they both create great spring atmosphere for your wedding.

Depending on your style and personality, you can choose any color combinations within these two color groups. Pastel colors will give your event a romantic atmosphere while bright colors generate cheerful and energetic vibes. You can also combine colors in these 2 groups together to create the look that best suit your wedding. Below are a list of wedding colors for spring and some popular spring color combinations for your reference.

If you want to learn the basics of color combinations and find color suggestions for all seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer, read this article.

wedding colors for spring

Here are some ideas and color combinations for a spring wedding I have found for you. Enjoy and get inspired!

Light and chocolate wedding inspiration board:

spring wedding colors blue chocolate

I love the combination of light blue and pastel green for a spring wedding, even though they are quite unusual. A friend of mine had this combination for her wedding and the whole reception had this wonderful fresh and youthful feeling, full of greeneries and white daisies on blue table clothes and chair ties. Here is my inspiration board for a light blue and pastel green wedding:

spring wedding colors blue green

Pink and green are the most popular colors for spring weddings. Finding supplies for a pink and green wedding is also easy and cost effective and most seasonal flowers in spring come in pink. Common pink spring wedding flowers are tulips, roses, cherry blossoms and even carnations. Some inspirations for pink and green weddings:

pink green colors for spring wedding

(Source: newenglandfineliving.com)

Pink and chocolate wedding ideas:

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