Autumn wedding cake ideas

Autumn wedding cakes are beautiful with their stunning colors and gorgeous decorations. If you are lucky  to be married in the autumn, you have the chance to impress your guests by having a wedding cake that looks like autumn, feels like autumn and tastes like fresh autumn air.

Just like all other decorations and elements in autumn themed weddings, autumn wedding cakes also come in autumn themed colors such as brown, yellow, champagne, rustic red colors. There are many different decorations ideas for autumn wedding cakes. Following you can find various autumn wedding cake pictures for your inspirations. Remember not to go overwhelmed with the colors, as autumn themed decorations are already colorful enough. The most common decoration for autumn themed wedding cakes is brown and orange leaves.

Autumn wedding cakes with leaf decoration

Below are the inspirational pictures for autumn wedding cakes decorated with leaves. The cakes are usually white when decorated with leaves as the leaves are already full of colors. You could also make the whole cake brown like in the first picture, an unusual and artistic look:

(Click on each picture to enlarge and press >> to go to the next picture)

[nggallery id=4]

Autumn wedding cakes with flower decoration

If you don’t want to go with the fondant leaf decoration and want something which is more simple looking, the best way is to go with a white cake, autumn color ribbons (most often chocolate brown) and fresh flowers decorations. These fresh flower cakes are budget friendly and still look so elegant.

[nggallery id=5]


And we cannot overlook the wedding cupcake idea. Cupcakes are not as formal looking as a traditional multi-tiered wedding cake but carry a “fun” and spontaneous look. I really like the simplicity of the below wedding cupcakes, their colors are simple but elegant and carry a light hint of autumn.



autumn wedding cupcakes
Simple autumn wedding cupcakes – Photo from The Knot


The following cupcakes, on the other hand, represent a more lavish look. Fresh roses were added as a layer below the cupcakes to convey a dramatic and glamorous look.


fall wedding cupcakes
Lavish autumn wedding cupcakes – Photo from

I also came across this Le Cupcakes on Flickr. They have these beautiful cupcakes and the cupcake picture below was perfect for a rustic autumn wedding!


fall wedding cupcakes
Autumn wedding cupcakes


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