Spring wedding ideas: Cherry blossom weddings

There is no other flower that signals spring as much as cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom theme is perfect for a spring wedding as it gives a fresh, pure and very romantic atmosphere to the event. The theme is also great if you decide to add some Asian accent to your wedding as cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan.

Cherry blossoms however are only available for a limited time, normally from January to April. You should talk to your florist, or if you order from a website, ask their customer service for more information.

Even though I have never been to a cherry blossom wedding, the idea just sounds so tempting and lovely. Who wouldn’t say WOW to a wedding like this?

cherry blossoms wedding

cherry blossoms weddingImage source: thecinderellaproject.blogspot.com

You might also notice that this wedding must cost a fortune. However to have a beautiful dreamy wedding, you do not have to go over the board and break the bank. Here are a few tips for a beautiful and affordable cherry blossom wedding:

Cherry blossom centerpieces

The best of cherry blossoms weddings are the big lavish tall centerpieces. A common trend of this wedding theme is to decorate the tables with big cherry blossom branches in clear glass vases. If you have long tables instead of round ones, you could create some special effect for your décor by alternating between tall and low centerpieces. According to a price listing on FiftyFlowers , 3 bunches of 2-3 feet cost $109, with free shipping inside the US, which is quite affordable as you might only need 1-2 bunches for a centerpiece. The beautiful part about cherry blossom branches is that they look stunning on their own already, so you don’t need to buy any other flowers to go with them.

cherry blossom centerpiecesImage source: wedding.theknot.com

Cherry blossom wedding cake

As the wedding cake is one of the focal points of the reception, it should reflect the theme in one way or another. Of course the best cake for this theme is the one decorated with sugar cherry blossoms. Below are some inspirations for this theme’s wedding cake:

cherry blossom wedding cakesImage sources: theuglymoments.blogspot.com , blog.pinkcakebox.com

As fabulous as they look, these cakes could be quite costly. If you are on a tight budget and still want to have a cherry blossoms wedding, you can have a simple white and pink wedding cake decorated with ties and ribbons and decorate the cake table with cherry blossom branches.

Cherry blossom wedding bouquets

Your bouquet does not have to be full of cherry blossoms for this theme. Actually cherry blossoms have so short stems that it is nearly impossible to put them into a bouquet. In addition they are very delicate and get damaged easily to be carried around the whole day. You can use any white and/or soft pink flowers for your bouquet and it would suit your theme perfectly.

cherry blossom wedding bouquets

Last but not least are wedding favors. Favors that are suitable for this theme are cherry blossom scented candles, soap bars, chopsticks or paper fans (if you have a Japanese cherry blossom theme). Otherwise you could go the traditional way and giving your guests candies and chocolate in little boxes with cherry blossom prints on them.

cherry blossom wedding favors

Here are some of inspirational boards I made for a cherry blossom wedding. Most of the images are from Style Me Pretty and The knot.

cherry blossom wedding ideas

cherry blossom wedding asian inspired

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