Budget wedding favors ideas: how to have unique wedding favors on a budget

Wedding favors are one important element in your wedding as it shows your gratitude to the guests who save time to come to your wedding. Every bride always has a certain image about what a perfect wedding favor would be, however due to budget constraints, some dream wedding favors might appear to be too costly and would represent a big cost in your total expenses. Image if you find great wedding favors and each costs $8, you would think $8 a piece sounds quite reasonable right? However if you have 150 guests, that would make $1200 already! That money would be much better spent elsewhere, such as decorations, food or venue.

When I was having my wedding, as budget was one of the biggest constraints, my goal for wedding favors was that they had to be cheap and carry some meanings. As my wedding was in spring, when people started to buy bulbs and flowers for their summer garden, we gave our guests flower bulbs as wedding favors. And it was really cheap also. We bought from the supermarket bags of bulbs for $5 each, in each bag there was about 8 bulbs, which made it about 60 cents per bulb. We also wrapped our own wedding favors with golden ribbons, which looked very pretty! I also printed out in cardboard paper our names and wedding dates and tied it around the favor. In totally it cost around 90 cents per favor and everyone said that they were so adorable and went so well with our spring wedding theme.

diy wedding favorsSource: charlestonmag.com

Other budget wedding favors that you should consider are: candles, potted flowers, candies, fortune cookies, bags of coffee beans or teas, key chains, bookmarks and match boxes. The ideas are unlimited. I remember being in a wedding where the bride and groom gave soap bars with a “Thank you” note stamped on them. The soap bars are in pink, which is their wedding color. I think this soap wedding favor idea is really cute, practical and could be used for any wedding theme. Another friend of mine put M&M candies into cute little pouch bags, which also makes very fun and cute wedding favors.

I understand that brides and grooms want their wedding favors to be unique and special to guests. However you could make any types of wedding favors unique and personalized, even the most traditional ones. For example candies could be wrapped in colorful papers with meaningful notes attached to them; you could be creative with the wrapping and the notes so that they reflect your theme and your personality.

When buying wedding favors, remember to ask the vendor if they offer some discounts if you buy in big quantities. Do not buy readily wrapped favors, unless they are in very good discounts as most of the time it’s always much cheaper when you wrap it yourself. Below are a few cute wedding favor ideas for your inspirations. Have fun and creative, do it yourself wedding favors are not only budget friendly but also feel more special and personal to your guests!

M&M wedding favor ideas

m&m wedding favorsImage sources: sensationalbaskets.com, offbeatbride.com and chiqweddings.com

Potted flowers wedding favor ideas

potted flower wedding favorsImages source: projectwedding.com, dabbleindesign.com.au, elizabethannedesigns.com and sweetchicevents.com

Lollipop wedding favors

budget wedding favors lollipopsImage source: omwall.com

Candle wedding favors

budget wedding favors candlesImage source: beau-coup.com, creativeweddingfavors.com and chicweddingcandles.com

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