Hunger Games Themed Wedding Ideas and Inspirations

Many people have got the inspirations for their weddings from their favorite books or movies. Recently I have seen one couple having “The Hunger Games” as their wedding theme. This is a unique and different theme for sure, as “The Hunger Games” by no means is a romantic book series like Twilight Saga, even though there is a love triangle between Peeta, Katniss and Gale (I love Peeta and Katniss together though!).

hunger games themed wedding{Photo credit}

So after I’ve seen the wedding album inspired by “The Hunger Games”, I think I have to share it here on my blog right away. All the photos from this album is from Carmen Santorelli Photography and the whole album can be found Style Me Pretty.

hunger games wedding theme

And for those of you who are Hunger Games lovers and are thinking about having a Hunger Games themed wedding, the following ideas might help you get started:

Hunger Games themed wedding attire

I think the best wedding dress for this theme is a simple vintage looking gown. For the bridal hair, you can either opt for the “Katniss hairstyle”, which means a braided updo or just simply let it down with some wild flowers decorated. If you want to have the exact look of Katniss then you can have both the braided hair and a bow and arrows on your back. The main colors for the wedding should be neutral: white, brown and yellow (as the yellow of dandelions have a special meaning in the books).

hunger games wedding theme

Another wedding attire style by greenweddingshoes:

hunger games wedding

Hunger Games wedding decorations

Some special items that should be incorporated in the decorations to suit with this theme are:

Bow and arrows

hunger games themed wedding

Love this idea of arrows for seating arrangement from Ruffled Blog!

hunger games wedding arrow

Some other use of arrows 🙂

hunger games wedding decorations arrow{Photo credit: greenweddingshoes}

Candles – just a popular rustic wedding decorating item. You can find out more about budget rustic wedding decorations here.

hunger games wedding centerpieces{Photo credit: greenweddingshoes}

Herbs and bread as decorations and centerpieces (in respect of Peeta as a baker)

hunger games wedding{Photo credit}

Mockingjay symbol (could be used to decorate the cake and/or printed on napkins, escort cards and other stationery)

hunger games wedding theme

hunger games themed wedding cake

Some wooded sign that says “Tributes from [your town]” with names of bride and groom on it

Berry cake or cupcakes – acts as a symbol for “nightlock”. You can have your wedding cake decorated with “nightlock berries” or only make small “nightlock cupcakes or tarts” as dessert.

hunger games wedding nightlock cake{Photo credit: landeeseelandeedo}

Overall any other vintage and rustic looking decorations will go fine with this theme as the Hunger Games couple lives in a village near a wooded area.

hunger games wedding{Photo credit: greenweddingshoes}

As this is a very special wedding theme and many of the guests might not have read the books, you should have a short summary of the story at every table so that the guests could understand the meaning of your theme. You could also implement some “Capitol” elements into your wedding theme, such as bridesmaids dressed in colorful dresses with heavy makeup (not mask-like though).

If you have any ideas for the theme, please feel free to share. Happy Hunger Games!

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