Green apple wedding ideas and inspirations

A friend of mine is going to have her wedding this summer and she was pondering between different decoration themes for her wedding. She is an extremely practical person and does not want to waste too much money into fresh flowers that are useless the day after the wedding.  She wants something fresh looking and still has some value after the wedding. From there we came up with the green apple wedding idea. As it’s a green apple themed wedding, the main colors would be green and white.  Personally I think a combination of green, white and pink is very pretty too, especially if your wedding is in the spring.

The wedding dress

Of course we cannot put apples on a wedding dress (and even if we can, it would look kind of weird), so we decided that she will find a simple strapless wedding dress with green ribbons. The bridesmaids would go with green dresses and carry white flowers. We have collected some ideas for the bride’s wedding dress and bridesmaids for the apple themed wedding. Don’t you think these dresses look so gorgeous?

green apple wedding dress

apple themed wedding

Apple themed wedding bouquet

As the colors of the wedding are green and white, the bridal bouquet should be in either color or in both. In my friend’s case, she would want the bouquet to be mainly green and only have some small white flowers here and there. As the apple wedding theme is on the casual and natural side, the bouquet should also look natural and not too polished looking.

green white wedding bouquets

Apple themed wedding cake

The wedding cake and other wedding decorations are where the apples come in sight. An apple themed wedding cake doesn’t have to have full of apples on top, even though I think some apples on tops of the cake would be nice too. You can have a multi-tier wedding cake with apples between the tiers. Or you can also just have a wedding cake decorated with green ribbons or patterns and use apples to decorate the cake table.

apple themed wedding cake

Green apple wedding centerpieces

The centerpieces can be made from apples alone or a combination of apples, flowers and greeneries. I especially love the idea of arranging only apples inside a tall cylinder vase, like in the picture below:

green apple wedding centerpiecesSource: Orchard Cove Photography

Some other ideas for apple themed centerpieces, they all look fantastic to me!

green apple wedding centerpieces

And yes we cannot talk about apple themed weddings with mentioning about the fabulous caramel apple wedding favors! They look so beautiful and irresistible, no wonder caramel apples are one of the most popular wedding favors.

caramel apple wedding favorsSource:

caramel apple wedding favorsSource:

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