Autumn wedding dresses ideas

Wedding dresses must be the first thing any bride thinks of after she gets engaged (or even long before). I already set my eyes on the perfect wedding dress long before my boyfriend popped the question. I have always dreamed about a wedding dress that had that “innocent” and fairy tale like look but still showed my curves and good features.

There are wedding dresses that are all white and could be for any season, however some special touches to the dress would make it matches with your wedding theme so much more. As we know, the autumn wedding colors are orange, brown, olive, deep rusty red and white yellow. A gown with some details in these colors could already make a great autumn inspired wedding dress.

Colored wedding dresses

If you are going for a colored wedding dress, then a dress in autumn colors would make a vibrant and fabulous autumn wedding dress. Below are a few examples of wedding dresses in brown, red, orange and olive. They create an instant strong impression and in my opinion brides in colored dresses look so confident and seem to have a strong personality. Normally colored wedding dresses are monotone (one color only), however you could also have a dress that has a 2 or more color combination.

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autumn colored wedding dress

If you want a colored autumn/ fall wedding dress but don’t want to look too bright and vibrant, a champagne color wedding dress is perfect for you. I love the elegant and sophisticated feel the champagne color gives to the wedding dress. Below are some champagne wedding dress ideas that I found, they look unusual and so fairy-tale like.

champagne colour wedding dress ideas

White autumn wedding dresses

A white wedding dress with some autumn color touches would be perfect if you want a traditional wedding dress and still show your style and personality. The colored details usually create nice contrasts on the white dress and look very stylish. The colored details could be a belt around the waist, a ribbon right under the breast area, a colored embroidered area or stripes on the back of the dress.

Below are some ideas and inspirations by colors for your autumn wedding dress. I especially love the colored embroidered stripes on the back of the dress, they look so gorgeous and elegant!

Brown autumn wedding dresses

brown autumn wedding dresses

Red autumn wedding dresses

red autumn wedding dresses

Orange and olive wedding dresses

orange olive fall wedding dresses ideas

Autumn / fall weather can be a bit chilly, you might feel the need to have a light jacket over your wedding dress when you are outside, either to take the pictures or when you have an outdoor wedding. There are many wedding dress jacket types out there in the market. You should choose a jacket that matches the most with the fabric of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is made of a lightweight material (which is very common among autumn weddings), a lace jacket would be the perfect combination. I think these lace jackets look so sophisticated and romantic, which is perfect for an autumn inspired wedding.

autumn wedding dress jackets

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  1. Has anyone else had success in purchasing sample gowns? It seems to make sense and sure could save me a whole bunch of money. Any insights or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Lovely dresses! I’m curious as to whether you know the designer for the lace jacket in the top right hand corner? Thanks in advance!

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