Autumn wedding: Invitations

Autumn wedding invitation – how to blend the season symbols and colors into your card design

If your wedding is in the autumn, you may want to incorporate the season spirit into your wedding invitations. There are several ways to blend the season into your invitations, you can use the autumn colors alone, or a mix between graphics and colors. Be creative and use your imagination, however remember to keep the invitation design neat and clean, without too much color combinations and images.

The colors

Your invitations should follow your wedding theme colors. So if you have chosen brown and dark orange as the main colors in your wedding theme, these colors should be reflected also on your invitations. The color choices are unlimited but the most common autumn wedding invitation colors are shades of brown, yellow, deep red, orange, purple, champagne, etc.

The graphics

A bit of graphics will make your invitations much more lively, even if they are just colorful curves or lines. You might want to bring something that symbolizes autumn into your card design. The symbol used most in autumn wedding invitation cards are leaves, however you could also use images and clipart of trees, branches, apples, chestnuts, berries, daisies, mushrooms and pumpkins.

I have found these fabulous and unique invitation designs for your inspirations. You could totally have your own design, just with some graphics software knowledge.

(Click on each picture to enlarge and press >> to go to the next picture)

[nggallery id=2]


Personally I love wedding invitation designs with wild plants like berries or mushrooms. These berry invitation designs below were from BeinloveDesigns and Wedding Paper Divas. They are so lively and creative!

[nggallery id=3]

Be creative with your design. Autumn is the season of vibrant colors, mix and match to find your favorite color combination. Your wedding invitation will already feel “autumn” when it is in the seasonal colors, no matter what graphics it has.

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  1. Jen, I was wondering if you could help. I am looking for a maker of one of these invitations – is this something you would be able to tell me?

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