Wedding Favors that Can Be Used as Centerpieces

If you are on a tight budget and want to cut your wedding costs further, why not making wedding favors into centerpieces? These centerpieces are not only beautiful and budget-friendly but are also functional as wedding favors for guests. Below are a few ideas for favor centerpieces to get you started with:

Potted plant favor centerpieces

Potted plants make beautiful centerpieces and favors for any wedding, formal or casual. Remember to use small pots for these plants so that you can fit many favors on one table. The choice of plants can also reflect your wedding theme. Potted orchids are good for more formal weddings while bulb flowers like daffodils and tulips are suitable for spring weddings.

potted plant favor centerpieces

Herb favor centerpieces 

Herb favor centerpieces are great for garden, botanical or vintage themed weddings. Another cute idea is to name each table after one herb, for example: rosemarry, basil, thyme or mint table. You can also be creative with the containers for these herb and plant favor centerpieces. For example instead of using a normal plain pot, you can use small wooden boxes or these cute little vintage teacups!

herb favor centerpieces

Bouquet favor centerpieces

These little flower bouquets in paper cones are beautiful as centerpieces themselves and can also be used as wedding favors for guests to take home with. These bouquets are relatively inexpensive and easy to do yourself. Dotcoms for moms features a tutorial on how to make these mini bouquet favors.

floral bouquet favor centerpieces

Lollipop favors and centerpieces

If you are a bride who is into edible centerpieces and favors, these candy favors and centerpieces are for you. These centerpieces are fun, colorful, practical and kids love them!

lollipop favor centerpiecces

Giftbox centerpieces

If you are not into any of the favor centerpiece above but still want to use favors as centerpieces. You can try stacking up giftboxes on the table. Prettily wrapped giftboxes can contain any type of favors you like. You can use a cupcake stand to arrange these little boxes or arrange them straight on the table like the picture below.

giftbox centerpieces

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