Save-The-Date Ecards – Are You Ready to Go Paperless?

As a celebration to this year Earth’s Day, I have decided to write a bit about a question that has been raised to me quite a few times recently: are electronic Save-The-Date cards acceptable? Our eco-friendly and budget brides are very supportive of this idea as it’s obviously cheaper, saves paper, saves postage and you receive the RSVPs quicker. The additional statistics from e-Save the date cards also helps keeping tracking on the head counts more easily.

Some eco-friendly brides even go totally paperless with all save-the-date ecards and e-invites. However the more common practice is still sending save-the-date ecards a few months in advance and official invites by postal mail afterwards. I guess there is no one agreed way to do this, it all depends on your own assessment. The degree of open-mindedness and technology forwardness of your guests will decide how far can you go on the paperless path.

A save-the-date ecard design from Pingg

save the date ecards should

If you decide to go paperless, you can check out Pingg and Paperlesspost, they have a good variety of customizable save-the-date e-cards at very reasonable prices. Pigg also has a section for free save-the-date ecards. There are also other free options, you can check out CropMom or OurWeddingDay, they provide templates and tools for you to customize your own save-the-date e-cards and share them with your guests via email or social media.

There are also plenty of other creative ways to create your own Save-the-date ecards, without the need of any graphic or design skills. Check out the super fun and creative ways to inform your wedding date below and you may get some great inspirations for your own!

save the date ecard ideas

[Image by Vasia Photography, via StyleMePretty]

save the date ecard ideas fun pose

[Image via yourecards]

save the date ecard ideas fun creative

[image via Martha Danobeitia on Pinterest]

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