Rock and Stone Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Stones and rocks are eco-friendly and inexpensive decorative items and usually used in beach themed weddings as place card holders and to decorate guestbook tables. So why not use rocks and stones in your centerpieces? Rocks and stones create a calm and earthy feeling and are suitable for outdoor, eco-friendly and beach themed weddings. You can buy them at gardening stores or collect smooth rocks at rivers and beaches. If you want to write on them, use a black marker. Below are a few ideas for your rock and stone wedding centerpieces:

Stone and moss centerpiece with some votive accents

stone moss wedding centerpieces{via Martha Stewart}

Stones and leaves centerpieces

stone leaf wedding centerpiece {via Hamptons-magazine}

Stones can also be arranged around candles for a simple and modern look

stones candles centerpiece{by Mrs. Lime via weddingbee}

Stones can be used as accents to other floral arrangements

stones floral centerpieces{via  Love to know weddings}

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