Creative wedding decor: Edible centerpieces

I was asked to help a friend to solve one classic wedding problem: how to make space for food on the table. She is going to have a served meal in which the waiting staff puts the whole dish on the table and replaces into another dish when seeing that everyone is almost finished.

This way of serving in a wedding is very common in many hotels. However it presents a problem: as there are many dishes on the table during the dinner, the beautiful centerpieces will stand in the middle of the way and thus stand the chance of being removed when the dinner starts to be served.

The bride-to-be thought that it is such a waste of money to invest in expensive floral centerpieces if they are removed only a short while after the wedding begins and wants to come up with another centerpiece idea – the type of centerpiece that will be more useful to the guests than just pretty flowers. From there we think of edible centerpieces. If you are a practical and original bride who wants your centerpieces to be more than decorative items then edible centerpieces might be an interesting option for you.

There are several options for edible wedding centerpieces, among which the most common are:

Herb centerpieces

An herb pot is both useful and adds some green and nature to your wedding, just like it does for your kitchen. You can choose the type of herbs that go with the food that you serve at the wedding. For example if you are serving some Italian type food, you can use a pot of basil and a pot of oregano as centerpieces for each table. Guests can pick the leaves and put in the food themselves. This makes the wedding atmosphere somehow more intimate and family-like. Make sure that the herbs you use as centerpieces are safe and clean for the guests to eat right away. You can buy cheap pots at dollar store or use tea tins, which creates a rustic and vintage look.

edible wedding centerpieces

Candies centerpieces

The colors of candies will make the wedding table look more fun and playful. You can use candies with colors that match with your wedding colors. The candy centerpieces do not need to be big, it could be small enough so that it does not take up a lot of space and guests can eat the candies for dessert or take them home when leaving.

edible wedding centerpieces

edible wedding centerpieces

Fruit centerpieces

Fresh fruits baskets and fruit bouquets have become more popular nowadays when there are more brides who look for unusual centerpieces and decorations. However this option can be a bit expensive as many stores charge a lot for a nicely decorated fruit centerpiece. You can also make your own fruit centerpieces, however it may require a lot of work and patience. Edible Arrangements is an online store specializing in making fruit baskets, fruit bouquets and other edible arrangements. Their works are beautiful and very creative, however you have to watch out for discounts as their prices are not the cheapest.

edible centerpieces
Fruit centerpieces - Photos from Edible Arrangements

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