Unique Wedding Idea – Frozen Yogurt Bar

Yesterday a friend of mine said that she wanted to have a frozen yogurt bar in her wedding instead of a traditional chocolate or candy buffet and as a frozen yogurt fan myself, I think it’s one of the coolest ideas ever! I can just get crazy thinking about all the almond, raspberry, mango… toppings. Not only the idea is unique and non-conventional, a frozen yogurt bar might be also a cheaper option as chocolate could be quite pricy. Moreover, as it’s not traditional, the guests will be very impressed and it will be a big hit! A frozen yogurt bar is suitable for any wedding theme so whether you get married in spring, summer, fall or winter, this idea still works wonder.

frozen yogurt bar wedding{photo by Tina Bass Photography via iloveswmag}

frozen yogurt bar wedding{photo by Jessica Claire via greenweddingshoes}

You can contact your local frozen yogurt places and ask if they are catering for weddings. At least I know that Golden Spoon and Pinkberry have already started their wedding catering services. If you can also go for the DIY option by buying frozen yogurt from the grocery store and prepare the toppings yourself, which should be very easy. If you want to get ideas for toppings, go to the menu section of Golden Spoon or Pinkberry’s website for inspirations.

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