2012 Wedding Cake Trend – Ombre Cakes

I thought I would share some new cake inspirations today as I have seen this new craze over ombre cakes everywhere this year. I could safely say that this is the new wedding cake trend of year 2012! An ombre cake is a multilayer cake in different color hues, from light to dark, the name “ombre” is a French word means “shade”. These ombre cakes are not only accessorized with changing color tone frosting but many are also decorated with some ruffle patterns. If you want to impress and surprise your guests, why not choosing an ombre wedding cake?

An ombre cake with different tones of pink

pink ombre wedding cake

Rose frill and purple gradient frill ombre cakes by Maggie Austin Cakes

gradient ruffle ombre wedding cakesred rose ombre wedding cake

purple gradient ombre cake

You can even go further and create a whole wedding theme around the gradient color of your ombre wedding cake. All the bridesmaid dresses and flowers for centerpieces and other decorations can be chosen based on different tones of a same color.

ombre cake bridesmaid dress

{Image source from the top: everythingfab | Maggie Austin Cakes | Janet Mohapi-Banks | Stephanie Yonce Photograph on ruffledblog | bellethemagazine}

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