Cupcake Liner Pom Centerpieces

Can you believe that this lovely pomander centerpiece is made out of cupcake liners? This would be a great DIY wedding project because it is easy and fast to do, very inexpensive and all the supplies can be found easily from any craft store. These cupcake liner pom centerpieces can be used for any type of party, from a kids’ birthday party to your wedding reception. Kara’s Party Ideas has a great tutorial on how to make these lovely cupcake liner pomanders. I will quote the instructions here as the page has been moved:

Step 1: Gather your materials: Cupcake liners {any color or style}, a styrofoam ball, a glue gun, and pins
Step 2: Take 2 cupcake liners and stick a pin through the center of them…
Step 3: Fold/scrunch the 2 liners around the pin like so…
Step 4: Put a dab of hot glue on the tip of the liners…
Step 5: Insert the pin into the styrofoam ball…Push the pin all the way into the styrofoam so the cupcake liners are securely glued to the ball…Carefully open the liners making sure the pin is all the way inserted into the styrofoam. If it isn’t, push it all the way in….
Step 6: Repeat until the whole ball is covered with lovely cupcake liners! Attach fishing line or a ribbon to hang! {For this particular pom pom I left a space uncovered so I could set the ball on a large glass candlestick}…

cupcake liner pomander centerpiece tutorialAnd finished product! Very pretty yet simple!

cupcake liner pomander centerpiece

{via Kara’s Party Ideas}

pink cupcake liner pom centerpiece{image via weddingbee}

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