Single Flower in Light Bulb Centerpieces

Do you want wedding centerpieces that are original, creative, easy to do and cost next to nothing to create? I love the fact that we can recycle our broken light bulbs to be vases. This centerpiece idea can be used for any wedding theme or any other occasions, especially cozy and intimate weddings as they are simple and still elegant. I also like the fact that you only need one flower for each centerpiece, which makes the total decoration costs so much lower. You can create a table runner with these little single flowers in light bulb vases placed next to each other if you have a long table or gather a few of these centerpieces together for a round table.

rose light bulb centerpiece{via whengeekswed}

rose light bulb centerpieces{by Maggie Conley Photography}

poppies light bulb vase centerpiece{via needleinahaystackstitchery}

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