Hunger Games Themed Wedding – Hunger Games cupcakes

I have once blogged about the inspirations and ideas for a Hunger Games wedding. I have seen that more couples (who probably are all Hunger Games super fans) opt to celebrate their wedding in this theme and many have searched and asked about designs of Hunger Games cupcakes, especially nightlock cupcakes. So far I have seen that there are 2 ways that people have visualized nightlock cupcakes: either with red berries or blue berries. I have found some great pictures of Hunger Games themed cupcakes that I want to share with you guys for inspirations. Whether you are having a Hunger Games themed wedding or just want to make some cupcakes for an intimate get-together, these cupcakes will make both Hunger Games fans and non-fans crazy!

Girl on fire cupcakes, images and recipe at Erica’s Sweet Tooth

hunger games mockingjay cupcakes

Beautiful mockingjay cupcakes via Fictional Food

hunger games mockingjay cupcakes

Hunger Games’ symbols cupcakes by Koala Kupcakes

hunger games cupcakes

Cupcakes symbolize several characters in The Hunger Games by Diamonds for Dessert. Orange cupcake with arrow – Katniss the girl on fire, green leaf cupcake with a toast on top – Peeta the boy with the bread, pink frosting cupcake with purple flower on top – Effie Trinket and the white rose cupcake with red dots on top – President Snow. What a lovely character portrait through frosting design!

hunger games character cupcakes

nightlock cupcakesAbove are some designs of nightlock upcakes – The design on the left is from thecupcakearchitect and the design on the right is by Nalle on Deviantart. You can also make other ‘nightlock” desserts such as nightlock tart, nightlock cake for your themed wedding.

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

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