Mixed Tropical Fruit Centerpieces

If you are having a Hawaiian, a tropical or just a summer wedding theme, mixed tropical fruit centerpieces would be an idea that will surprise the guests. Edible centerpieces have been more popular in recent years, not only because they are less conventional than floral arrangements but also because they are more practical: you don’t have to trash them like floral centerpieces and can actually make use of them after the wedding. Tropical fruit centerpieces usually contain fruits such as pineapples, melons, water melons, peaches, coconuts and other tropical fruits that you can find from your grocery store. You can choose to combine flowers in the centerpiece. Flowers that fit well in a tropical theme are orchids, dahlias and china rose. A wooden bowl fits nicely as a container for this centerpiece. What I love the most about these tropical fruit centerpieces is their lively colors and the exotic feeling they add to the table!

mixed tropical fruit wedding centerpieces{via Martha Stewart}

mixed tropical fruit wedding centerpieces{by Labang Photography via weddings by Grace and Mona}

mixed tropical fruit centerpieces{via and tutorial at toppartyideas}

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