Glamorous Hanging Flower Wedding Centerpieces

These hanging flower centerpieces are not exactly budget friendly but they are so breath-takingly beautiful I have to share them! There are different designs of hanging centerpieces and today I will feature designs of single flowers hanging in the air. These hanging centerpieces surely will take your guests’ breath away for their unique beauty. I love the idea of flowers floating in the air by themselves. These centerpieces look like they will cost quite a lot. However if you really like this look, you can create a similar design on a smaller scale, or use this concept as a wedding backdrop instead of centerpieces for tables.

These yellow tulips do not exactly float in the air but look like they are growing from the ceiling. Must be quite an scene for the people who sit at the table to look up and see a blooming ceiling!

hanging tulip centerpieces

modern hanging tulip centerpieces

Carnations can also make a fashion statement with the arrangement below. I love how the red color of carnations and dahlias pop against the brick wall. The carnations suspended in air by clear fishing lines are definitely the focal point of the whole arrangement.

hanging flower wedding centerpieces

Being made in the same way with the red carnation suspended in mid-air, the following hanging centerpiece features white ranunculus. I love the elegance and modern look of this arrangement. The white flowers and candles running along the middle of the table below compliment beautifully with the above hanging flowers.

white hanging flower wedding centerpieces

white hanging flower wedding centerpieces

Photo credits (from top): Hanging tulips by Bold American Catering via dexknows weddings | Red hanging carnations by The Decisive Moment via Brides | White hanging flowers by Food Flower Style via Cinderella Project

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