Unique Wedding Idea – Displaying Family Pictures

You are looking for a way to make your wedding day unique and memorable? Why not put some personal touches to the event by showcasing your parents and grandparents’ wedding pictures at the your reception venue?

I have been to one wedding where the brides and grooms displaying wedding photos of both sides’ parents and grandparents on a string right at the entrance of the reception hall. At the end of the string were the photos of the couple themselves together, it looked like a continuum of love stories through generations. You could also display pictures of your childhood until the day you met and became a couple. All the guests would be very impressed to see all the memorable and somewhat “historic” pictures. I think this is a very cool and meaningful personal touch!

Below are a few cool photo display ideas for your inspirations:

Make a photo wall or mat

You can print all the photos on a big poster and hang it on the wall of the reception site. There are many photo stores locally and online that allow you to print in large paper.

unique wedding idea photo display{Photo credit}

String the photos up

This is one of the most popular ways to display photos in weddings. It’s popular because it’s easy to do, cheap and still super adorable!

unique wedding ideas photo string{Photo credit}

On a tree

Especially great if you have an outdoor wedding!

unique wedding idea photo tree{Photo credit}

On a birdcage!

display photo wedding reception birdcage{Photo credit}

Other ways to display family pictures at wedding reception

display family photos wedding{Photos via weddinggirl.ca}

The old photos will sure to bring back memories for many of your wedding guests, especially the older ones. The family photos also show that you respect and think of older family generations in your happy day, which makes the day even more special and memorable!

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