Unique Wedding Idea – Give Fun Names to Wedding Tables

You can add personal touches to your special event by naming each table to something that is fun and meaningful to both of you and your guests. The ideas for table names are unlimited. The names can be based on your wedding theme or from your own memories and experiences. Below are some table name ideas for you to start with, hope you can pick up some good ideas from here!

Table names related to your personal life

  • Street names of places you too have lived on from childhood to now
  • If you have traveled a lot, you could name the tables after cities or countries you have visited
  • What you treasure in a relationship, for example: Caring, Trust, Romance, Sharing, etc.
  • Your favorite songs
  • University residence halls (if the couple met there)
  • Names of hotels the couple has stayed in
  • Places you went on your first dates together

Table names related to your wedding theme

  • Types of trees (for rustic weddings and fall themed weddings)
  • Seasonal flowers (for your seasonal wedding, e.g. in a summer wedding, tables can be named after summer flowers such as daisies, sunflowers, cosmos…)
  • Favorite cartoon characters (for Disney or favorite cartoon themed weddings)
  • Favorite movies
  • Economic / financial terms (if the wedding theme is economics related or the couples are economists)
  • Street names in your city
  • Types of herbs (for eco and green weddings, this could be incorporated with herbs centerpieces)
  • Types of birds, cats, dogs, fish, etc. (if the theme is animal related or the couple has special passion about animals)
  • Names of spices (curry, salt, pepper, etc.)
  • Brands (fashion brands, beer brands, champagne brands…)
  • Ice cream flavors
  • Chocolate flavors

Herbs wedding table names – Lovage

herbs wedding table names{Image found on creativechaos-alix}

fun wedding table names{Image via Chic Ink}

Tree names table

tree names wedding table names{via Geoffwhite Photographers}

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