Unique Wedding Idea : Raw Cotton Branch Wedding Centerpieces

One of my favourite wedding decoration is cotton. Who could have imagined that this simple raw material could produce so cool and stylish wedding decoration? Cotton branches are a perfect decoration for a variety of wedding themes: Western, Southern, barn, harvest or just simply rustic. Weddings with cotton branch centerpieces has become a big trend since last year, as the cotton bolls somehow create a homy and intimate feeling for your wedding table, not mentioning that they are unique, unconventional and show the warm personality of the wedding couple. Personally I love love this idea as cotton branches are inexpensive, easy to store, to handle, you can buy them months in advance and they would still look beautiful for your big day.

In this article, I am going to provide some tips on how you can create your own cotton branch centerpieces, where to get these little cuddly cotton bolls or branches and some inspirations to get your imagination fly!

How to create your own cotton wedding centerpieces:

The vase: You can use raw cotton branches as they are, or glue cotton bolls on branches of your choice. You can use many types of vases for cotton centerpieces, for example mason jars, milk or wine bottles, steel buckets or even used cans or any rustic container that you can think of. As you can recycle a lot of containers as vases for this kind of centerpiece, not only you are doing a good deed for your bank account, but also for the environment!

The blossoms: You can use the cotton blossoms alone or combine with other types of blossoms for different looks. I have seen cotton bolls being combined with many types of flowers. Mums, daisies and baby’s breaths will go beautifully with cotton blossoms to create a harvest feel. On the non-floral side, wheat, berries, ribbons, burlap, even pine cone would compliment nicely with cotton. In general anything that looks and feels rustic and earthy would worth a test-drive.

Orchids are not exactly screaming rustic. But just an example to show you how versatile cotton bolls can be in floral design!

cotton branch wedding centerpiece orchid

Image: Michelle Lindsay Photography via unitedwithlove

Where to buy cotton branches:

I have seen cotton branches being sold in some florists, but all in all they are not sold very popularly. However unlike fresh flowers, raw cotton stalks could last for ages and are easy to store and transport. Therefore you can buy them online and get them shipped to your door step. If a few cotton bolls fall off on the way, it can be fixed very easily by gluing them back to the branches. You can check out Saves on Craft, Etsy or cottonman. They cost around $5 per bundle (1-2 branches).

And here are some cotton branch wedding centerpieces for your inspirations:

cotton branch wedding centerpiece 1

image: Marianna Jamadi via Ruffled

cotton wedding centerpieces table runner

image via Mindy Rice

cotton wedding centerpieces rustic barn

image via Divine Party Concepts

cotton wedding centerpiece rustic

image and wedding album at Whimsy & Wise

cotton boll centerpiece wooden vase

image via Inspiring Pretty

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