Unique and cheap bridesmaid gift ideas

You have asked your beautiful girl friends to become bridesmaids for your wedding. Now comes the second hardest part: choosing a gift for your bridesmaids as a “thank-you” to their time and dedication to make your big day perfect. The article below will give you some ideas for a unique and inexpensive bridesmaid gift.

Some jewelry item. The best jewelry would be the one that also plays a part in your big day, that could be an accessory that goes well with the bridesmaid’s dress. The jewelries do not have to be expensive, they can be simple and inexpensive accessory items such as a necklace with the bridesmaid’s name carved on the stone. You can even make the jewelry yourself, which is even better. Make it personalized and it would be a very meaningful gift.

You can keep these jewelry items in cute personalized boxes, which you make especially for each bridesmaid. In each box you can write a thank-you note that dedicates specially to each person, this does not only show your gratitude but also shows that you care about her as a close friend.

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A cute suitcase for your friend’s travels could be another idea for a gift. This is also a very practical gift that your bridesmaid could use for many years to come. However if you cannot find any suitcase that suits your budget, you can also give them a cute make-up bag. Choose the bag that has your wedding color, this way she will always be reminded of you and your wedding whenever she uses it.

Another lovely and simple bridesmaid gift idea is a framed picture of you and her in your wedding. Even though this idea is very simple, it is also very memorable and personal. She will always remember the fun she has with you at the wedding every time she looks at the picture.

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Some people have given gift cards to their bridesmaids. Even though this might be a very practical and useful gift as the bridesmaid can choose something she likes for herself. I think it is a bit impersonal. The gift should be something that reminds the bridesmaid to you and your wedding every time she uses it. It symbolizes your friendship and the good time you have had together.
If you are into do-it-yourself gifts, you can make beauty treatment items such as bath salts and scented astringents, jars of homemade jam, jars with dry ingredients to make cookies and cakes, knitted scarf, etc. Find out about what she loves and customize your gift to it. You can give something different to each bridesmaid, not all the bridesmaids have to be given the same gift.

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And last but not least, do not forget to give your bridesmaids a big kiss and hug to thank them for their time, effort and support to make your big day meaningful and memorable!

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