Summer Wedding Colors and Ideas

According to the seasonal color wheel, the summer color scheme are from green to yellow and to orange. However these are the traditional summer color palette. Summer weddings are actually very forgiving with the choice of colors, I have seen summer weddings with practically any type of color combination possible. It only depends on you what type of mood you want to set for your wedding ceremony and reception. If you want your wedding colors to be pleasant and cooling to offset with the summer heat, you can go for more “cooling” colors such as blue and green. On the other hand if you want your wedding to be filled with energy and scream out summer, you might want to use bold and bright colors such as red, orange, yellow.

Here is a wedding summer color palette with the most popular colors used in summer weddings. You can refer to this article to learn the basics of color combination to create any wedding atmosphere you want.

summer wedding colorsEach color combination will give a different mood to your wedding. The combination of orange, yellow and green creates a country garden feeling. A combination of all the hot colors such as hot pink, red, orange and yellow, accented with some green will make all of your wedding decorations pop and create a tropical atmosphere. A combination of blue and ivory or light yellow reminds of the sea and sandy beaches.

Below are a few ideas and color combination for summer wedding theme:

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