Pastel pink wedding – inspirations and color guide

The stumbling on the pretty pastel pink shoes yesterday gave me the inspiration to write about a whole pastel pink wedding today. Pastel pink is such a pretty and romantic color for a wedding. It is not as catchy and outstanding like hot pink but it is subtle and gives a dreamy touch to your event. Pastel pink weddings are suitable for any season, but they are especially popular in winter and spring weddings, probably because brides and grooms tend to opt for more vibrant colors for summer and fall weddings.

If you decide to have pastel pink as your main wedding color, there are basically 2 types of wedding style you can go for. You can either go for a dreamy, romantic and girly style for your wedding decorations and attire or you can go vintage as pastel pink goes very well with this style. I have created 2 inspiration boards for these 2 wedding styles.

Vintage pastel pink wedding

pastel pink vintage weddingPhoto credits (clockwise): Etsy , Favim , , Dressmine , , Elizabeth anne designs , The cupcake blog

Dreamy and girly pastel pink wedding

pastel pink weddingPhoto credits (clockwise): Wedding spot , , Summer blossom ,, Myweddingflowerideas and

Colors that go with pastel pink

Some of you may prefer 2-color or 3-color combination for your wedding instead of going monotone. So what colors could be combined with pastel pink? Well pastel colors usually go very well together, so any pastel and light colors could go with pastel pink. The most popular combinations are pastel pink with light blue (for winter weddings) and pastel pink with pastel green (for spring wedding). Pastel pink could also go with neutral colors such as brown (both light and dark), grey, navy blue, ivory, beige, etc.

pastel pink color combinationIf you are going for a girly and fairy tale like wedding, the combinations of pastel pink and light violet or ivory, light blue, pastel green, silver would be the best. And if you are having a vintage style wedding, brown, beige, grey/silver, white and other neutral colors would fit better to the theme.

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