Flats for the wedding – a yay or a nay?

When talking about wedding shoes, brides usually visualize elegant princess-like high heels for their big day. But how about flats for your wedding? I wore steep beautiful high heels at first while we were greeting the guests to the reception party but later when we started to dance, I changed to a cute pair of ballets and until now I still feel that it was a very smart decision as the party lasted all night and we danced until 5 in the morning.

There are many reasons to wear flats for your wedding: the comfort they bring throughout the event, the ease to dance or because you are in the same height with your man. In some cases flat wedding shoes are even required in order to suit with the theme, for example if you have a farm wedding or a beach wedding. There is also a vast variety of flat shoes for you: ballerina, sandals, flip-flop and sneakers. You just have to choose the ones that fit your style and your wedding theme. If you are afraid that wearing flats will make you look less “wedding-y”, try finding flats that look more “dressed up” and special, for example by using bright standout colors or flats decorated with crystals and beads.
Below are a few picks for flat wedding shoes. So what do you think? Are flat wedding shoes a yay or a nay?

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