Fall wedding flowers – Seasonal flower guide and ideas

Fall wedding flowers are stunning and very romantic. Most fall flowers are very colorful and create instant strong impressions. If you are one of the lucky bride who is getting married in fall, this guide will help you choose the perfect fall flowers for your wedding and still stay within budget.

The colors of your flowers (in bouquets and other decorations) should match the colors of your themed weddings. Fall wedding colors are typically rich red, purple, brown, light yellow and orange. Thus fall flowers tend to be very warm and vibrant.

Fall wedding flowers in season

It is the best to buy local seasonal flowers for your wedding. It is not only cheaper but the flowers are also more readily available and easy to find. If you have a fall themed wedding, using flowers in season also accentuate more the fall feeling.


Sunflower is a popular wedding flower for summer and fall weddings. Their prime time is from July to October, when they look the best and also the cheapest. Sunflowers are vibrant and full of life and represents energy and happiness. They also come in different sizes, the small sized sunflowers could be used in a bouquet, while bigger ones could be incorporated in other wedding decorations.

sunflower autumn bouquets
Chrysanthemum (mums)

Chrysanthemums (often called mums) are available all year round, but fall / autumn is actually their main season. Chrysanthemums are very versatile wedding flowers as they have many different sizes and colors, which is suitable for many wedding themes. Their colors range from pink, white, green to yellow, orange, etc. Chrysanthemums are also top budget wedding flowers as they are often cheap, sturdy and you can even buy them from supermarkets or groceries stores without compromising their quality.

autumn wedding flowers mums


Marigold comes in different colors but most commonly in vibrant orange and yellow. Marigold is also known for its strong scent, thus be careful not to use a lot of this flower in your table centerpieces.

 marigold fall wedding flowers


Dahlias is another popular fall wedding flower. For brides who like some dark color touches in their bouquet or centerpieces, dahlias can be for you. Their colors range from white to dark purple.

dahlia autumn wedding flowersPicture courtesy


Zinnia is a not so popular fall wedding flower. They are big round blooms that are cheerfully colorful, their usual colors are pink, red and orange. As they are not used very popularly, having zinnias in your wedding will create an unusual but unique look and feel.

zinnia autumn wedding flowersPicture courtesy


Hydrangeas are not actually in full blown in fall but they are still available. I love hydrangeas, especially in the vivid pink and the purplish blue. They create a dramatic look that instantly draws attention. They are also easy to work with and last for a long time. Maybe that’s why hydrangea is one of the most popular wedding flowers.

hydrangea autumn wedding flowers

Fall / autumn fruits

Fall is the season when fruits are ripe and hanging invitingly on the trees, the season when apples redden all the yards and gardens. With this inspiration, fruits are usually incorporated in fall wedding flowers design. You can use different types of berries and crab apples are lovely to add to your decorations and bouquets. They can be secured in place with a pin and mixed with flowers and greeneries.

fall wedding flowers berries

Fall leaves could make awesome ornaments to your decorations. You can mix them here and there in your bouquet or leave them on the table.

fall leaf decorations

If for some reason you cannot find seasonal fall flowers in your area, you can always use flowers that are available all year round, for example: roses, orchids, lilies and gerberas. These flowers come in many different colors, thus you can easily find the colors that are suitable for your fall wedding. These all-year flowers, especially for orchids and gerberas, also last a very long time. I used orchids in my wedding also and they lasted for nearly 2 weeks!

If you like any of these varieties, you can order flowers online to receive beautiful arrangements with vibrant colors and great service.

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