5 reasons why you should have a small wedding

Planning a small wedding – even though a wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in one’s life, it does not necessarily have to be big and extravagant.

More and more couples opt to have a small wedding nowadays. Wedding budget is always one of the biggest worries of a newly engaged couple. Everyone wants to have their dream wedding, but not at the cost of many months of salaries, or even worse, debt.Besides the budget reason, planning a small wedding is also much more manageable and less stress for brides and grooms.

I would advise against taking a loan for your wedding. After all, you don’t want to start your happy marriage life with a debt. I am not a fan of lavish weddings that costs 100,000 USD and hundreds of people that you only know half of them. I think of wedding as a celebration of you and your loved ones only. Our wedding ceremony and reception were small, with less than 60 guests, thus the event was very intimate and cozy, and saved us thousands of dollars.

Small wedding = Less stress and hassles

A small wedding is not at all a disadvantage, I was glad afterwards that we decided to have that small wedding as not only we did not have to spend a lot of money but planning a small wedding is also much easier. Things are more available and easier to get in small quantities and in case there’s an emergency, you can always get replacement quickly. For example the flower store you choose suddenly says that they run out of roses, it is always easier to quickly find another 200 roses from other stores to replace than 1000 ones.

Small = inexpensive weddings

Except for the venue and the music band, the rest of the wedding costs are calculated based on number of guests. Rental and catering companies most of the time calculate their fees based on how many units or portions that you wedding needs. Your flowers and ornaments for the centerpieces costs also depend on how many tables you have. Thus of course the smaller your wedding is, the significantly more money you will save.

Chance to be with the most important people

A small wedding needs only a short wedding guest list. When you are obligated to have a short guest list, you normally opt to invite only people that are the closest and mean the most for you. This makes the wedding day more meaningful and special. Of course you might stumble upon some trouble when short listing guests as your family members (parents, siblings, etc) might want to invite their own friends. However remember, this is your day only and you deserve to be with the people you know and care about the most.

Small weddings also allow you to have time to talk to almost everyone during the reception, the relative, the family members, the friends that you might have not seen for a long time.

Smaller and cheaper venues

Secondly, as we do not need a big venue to accommodate an army, we could be able to rent a small cozy but still very historic and elegant hall. The small venue also created a warm, family like feeling to everyone. Sometimes in big weddings, I do not see people from different table come over to talk to each other a lot. However in our small wedding, the atmosphere was so relaxing that everyone just moved around to each other table to make toasts and chit chat.

Perfect for DIY brides and grooms

A small wedding with 50-60 guests is much more manageable for do-it-yourself brides and grooms than a 200-guest one. You can do your own decoration and centerpieces, as there are not many tables or the venue is too big. You and your friends and family could even make your own food for the wedding, or at least the dessert buffet.

Think twice about the size of your wedding and the number of guests that you are going to invite before starting to plan anything else. Once you have already decided on how many guests you are going to invite, every other arrangement will follow. More articles on how to plan a small wedding will be published soon to help you with the planning process.

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