Cupcakes as Wedding Centerpieces

I love cupcakes! I love the taste, the look and how many brides use them so creatively in their weddings. Many brides have substituted wedding cake altogether with a cupcake tower. So why not substitute floral centerpieces with cupcakes also? Cupcakes do not only make adorable wedding centerpieces but also serve as a treat for guests during the reception. This idea is especially applicable for a tea themed wedding or a cake and punch wedding. If you are afraid that the centerpieces will look bare after the guests are allowed to eat the cupcakes, leave the tea and cake to a latter part of the wedding program, when the photographing has ended already.

These cupcake centerpieces are not only beautiful for weddings but also give a fun and tasty look for any table in bridal showers, baby showers, dinner parties and other special occasions. There are many ways to decorate tables with cupcake centerpieces, here are some inspirations:

The easiest way to display cupcakes as centerpieces is to place them on a cupcake stand

cupcake stand centerpieces wedding

Table numbers could add placed on top of the cupcake stand

wedding cupcake centerpieces chocolate

I love these cupcake bouquet centerpieces. So cute and creative! Even though these cupcake centerpieces require a bit of work and skills, the final result is so reward that it’s worth all of your effort! To make these cupcake bouquet centerpieces, you basically stick unfrosted cupcakes on a Styrofoam sphere and frost them afterwards. Lifescript has a tutorial on how to make these cupcake bouquet centerpieces

how to make cupcake wedding centerpieces

Sunflower cupcake bouquet by Baa Baa Cupcake, you can also find a step by step tutorial to make this cupcake bouquet centerpiece on her website.

cupcake bouquet centerpiece sunflower

Some more inspirations:

cupcake bouquet centerpieces

cupcake wedding centerpieces

Photo credits: Picture 1 via weddingbee | Picture 2 via weddingbee | Picture 3 via Lifescript | Picture 4 via Baabaacupcake | Picture 5 by Sugar Crush via cupcakeideasforyou | Picture 6 via weddinggirl

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