Pine Cone and Moss Wedding Centerpieces

For some reason I adore all the elements of forests: the trees, the rocks, the moss, the pine cones. All of these elements can be combined to create beautiful and eco-friendly wedding centerpieces. In a post I have featured a few simple stone centerpieces, today I will showcase some easy-to-set-up pine cone and moss centerpieces. I love the earthy feeling of these arrangements. They are very budget friendly or even free if you collect pine cones and moss from your backyard or nearby forests.

Forest in a jar – What a lovely idea! Pine cones, moss, cedar and spruce together in a jar makes a great woodland centerpiece. These pretty jars could also serve as wedding favors for guests to take home with.

pinecone moss jar centerpieces

Mason jars make beautiful containers for these earthy moss and pine cone centerpieces

pine cone moss mason jar centerpiece

I love this unique combination of roses, pine cones and moss in a wooden planter! The pink roses and petals add a romantic touch to the moss and pine cone arrangement.

pine cone moss rose centerpiece

Photo credits (from top): Dirt from the clay pot | Something Borrowed | Maine Wedding Photographer

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