Flowers Wrapped in Asparagus Centerpieces

If you are having a farm or outdoor wedding, or a wedding featuring organic living, these flowers wrapped in asparagus are the perfect choice. The asparaguses create a fresh, clean and spring-y feel to the floral arrangement. You can choose the flowers to suit your wedding theme. The best part is that you can totally make these centerpieces yourself. Good Housekeeping showcases a detailed tutorial on how to make these flowers wrapped in asparagus centerpieces.

flowers wrapped in asparagus centerpieceColored silk ribbons, twine, thin robes can be used interchangably to tie the asparagus together. Silk ribbons give the centerpiece a clean and more formal look while twine is more casual and suitable for outdoor weddings.

flowers wrapped in asparagus centerpiece

 Roses wrapped in asparagus centerpiece, asparagus can also be used as card holders:

roses wrapped asparagus centerpiece

Tulips and asparagus centerpiece – the perfect combination for a spring wedding centerpiece!

tulips asparagus centerpiece

Photo credits: Picture 1  via Good Housekeeping|Picture 2 by Amy Gunther via Pinterest|Picture 3 via bhg|Picture 4 by Susan.W.Patton on Flickr

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