Tropical Pineapple Wedding Centerpieces

Summer is just around the corner so let’s get our summer brides excited! There are so many more theme options for a summer wedding than any other season as you have the choice to have an outdoor wedding, which promises a multitude of fantastic wedding venues. And this post will be all about a summer fruit: pineapple. So if you are a summer bride who loves to add some vibrant tropical vibes to your wedding reception, these centerpiece designs may just hit the spot!

These pineapple centerpieces are perfect for tropical or Aloha themed weddings. They could be incorporate if you have a beach theme or you are just a passionate fruit lover. These pineapple vases are inexpensive, especially when they are in season, and easy to do and multifunctional also: the pineapple fruit filling could be used in a salad or to make a tropical cocktail! Did I hear Pina Colada?

tropical hawaiian pineapple wedding centerpieces{Image by Lindi Haws via Amy Atlas}

tropical pineapple vase centerpieces{image via Oriental Trading}

Want to make this pineapple Hula girl for your table? Check out the tutorial at Activity Connection

hula girl tropical pineapple centerpieces{image by Activity Connection}

Want tropic but also love simplicity? Then candles would be the perfect addition!

tropical pineapple centerpieces candles{image via planningofourmauiwedding}

Want even more simplicity? You can even go bare with pineapples and still come out elegant and unique!

pineapple table runner centerpieces{image by Mike Sidney Photography via Merriman’s}


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