Spring Pansy Wedding Centerpieces

The colorful pansies always bring an energetic and whimsical touch to any decorations, let it be Easter table, a spring dinner party or an intimate wedding centerpiece. On top of that, pansies are the cheapest around this time of year. This weekend I got a few little pansy pots from a furniture store for only 90 cents a pop! What a bargain! And you can also use small pansy pots as wedding favors for guests in the end of the party. So for brides that are on the tight budget and still want fresh lively flowers as centerpieces, consider these little babies!

There are so many ways and so many types of vases you can utilize for pansies centerpieces. However I think it looks the best if potted pansies are displayed instead of cut ones. The reason is that pansies are so fragile and tend to wilt very quickly after being cut. Nevertheless if you still preferred cut pansies, try the bigger blooms as they have bigger stems.

purple pansy centerpieces vintage bottles

How about pansy centerpieces for a garden wedding? You can use small pansy pots as card holders or satellite decorations around a bigger centerpiece.


potted pansy wedding centerpieces 1

Pansies in tea cups or teapots must be my favorite look ever! They are playful and whimsical and will go beautifully with whatever fun wedding theme you’ve got. Think Alice in wonderland, think garden, think tea party!purple pansy centerpiece tea cups

Let spring overflow your wedding table with a long centerpiece of little pansy pots nested in moss in a long tray.

potted pansy wedding centerpieces moss

Image credits (from top): via bride2be on Tumblr, by Amelia Johnson Photography via munaluchibridal | via Shelterness | by Michael Partenio for Good Housekeeping magazine

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