Teapot Wedding Centerpieces

You don’t need to have an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding to be able to have teapot centerpieces. These flower and teapot arrangements are cute, fun and original. You can find cheap teapots from flea markets or garage sale (or just a visit to your grandparents’). Teapots can be used as a vase for any type of flowers. Different flowers affect the atmosphere of your event differently. Flowers such as peonies or pastel pink roses add more vintage touches to the teapot centerpieces while white roses and lilies make the centerpieces more modern and elegant. If you want your wedding to be even more fun and unique, you can also stack teapots together and attach them with a touch of glue. Below are some teapot centerpiece ideas for your inspirations:

Vintage teapot with pastel pink flower centerpiece

vintage teapot centerpiece

White rose in stacked teapot centerpiece

vintage white rose stacked teapot centerpiece

Vintage teapots grouped in various sizes with colorful flowers

vintage teacup various size centerpieces Silver teapot centerpiece adds a formal and royal touch to the dining table

flower silver teapot centerpiece

Photo credits: Picture 1 via The tea room | Picture 2 by Rachael Ray | Picture 3 by Tomasz Wagner | Mananetwork via weddingobsession | Picture 5 via weddingbee

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