Tips to save on make-up for wedding day

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. Even though makeup and hair style are only 1% of a total wedding budget, you should still try to save as much as possible if you are on a tight budget. In this article you will find a few tips on how to save on on make-up for wedding day and still look gorgeous.

Do-it-yourself bridal make-up

The obvious way is to do it yourself. Putting on bridal make-up is not much different than your usual daily makeup, except that you might have to use a color palette that matches your wedding theme and the make-up should be a bit more dramatic so that it shows up in the pictures. If your wedding is in natural settings, for example a garden or a park wedding, you can wear your daily make-up as it blends in well with the theme.

If you do not have enough make-up supplies, either borrow them from a friend, or go for a neutral color make-up. Neutral and earthy make-up colors like brown, dark green and grey would go with almost any wedding theme.

I did my own make-up for wedding day and it looked great. There are many tutorials on Youtube about how to do your own bridal make-up. Search for “natural bridal make-up” as it is easy and quick to do it yourself. I like the type of bridal make-up that only enhances your natural beauty, not making you look like a completely different person.

Ask a friend who is more experienced with make-up

There usually is one of your friends who have more make-up supplies or more make-up experience than you. You could enlist their help on your wedding day make-up. Do a few testing and trial attempt before the wedding day so that she can the best day-of performance. Also try different looks and take pictures to compare which look suits you the best.

free bridal makeup
You can get free bridal make-up at department stores' make-up counter

This could be one of the activities of your bridal shower party. You could arrange a “Make-up” party where you and the girls

test out make-up on each other and try out different looks. This could be very fun and you can see who does the best bridal make-up and enlist her to help you on your wedding day.

Free professional bridal make-up at department stores

Even though many brides opt for DIY bridal make-up, it is still less stressful if you have it done by a professional. On top of that, make-up done by a professional usually lasts longer and looks better in pictures.

Don’t worry, there are always those make-up counters at department stores that you can take advantage of.

Usually you can go to a department store’s make-up section (preferably M.A.C or Bobbi Brown) and have a free full make-up application by a professional if you purchase some products from them. Thus you can walk away with gorgeous and long lasting bridal make-up on you and just purchase a lipstick from the counter.

Beauty training schools

You could also contact beauty training schools in your area and ask for make-up classes. Make-up trainees would usually be happy to do make-up for you for free as part of their training. In case they require a fee, it is also usually much cheaper compared to a make-up artist.


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