Branch Wedding Bouquet Ideas and How-tos

Branches add an instant rustic and woodland feel to any decoration in your big day. So if you are a rustic decorations lover and would love to have branches present everywhere, why not consider adding them to your wedding bouquet also? This is not a traditional idea for wedding bouquet, and some might fear that the branches would make the bouquet look stiff. So if you are holding this fear, take a look at these beautiful branch bouquet designs and you will change your mind instantly!

I love the flowing look of this cascading bouquet! The branches add more structure to the whole bouquet and the fact that they are full of flowers makes the whole look softer and more natural. This is a perfect bouquet idea for any spring brides! Cherry and apple blossom branches would go beautifully with this design!

branch wedding bouquet apple blossom

A similar bouquet design with cherry blossom branches:

cherry blossom branch wedding bouquet

The branch in the below bouquet has a different shape and structure compared to the one in the first picture. It creates a more “woody” and mysterious feeling and would fit perfectly if you are going to have an organic and woodland themed wedding. The daisies and mums add a “wild” feel to the whole look. You can utilize this design also if you are going to use wildflowers for your wedding. The branch makes the wildflowers look more polished and modern.

branch wedding bouquet wildflowers

Branches also work beautifully with plain white or pastel colored flowers. This branch+white flowers combination is one of the easiet ways to create a rustic yet elegant look.

branch wedding bouquet rusticIf you want your bouquet to have a bit of a rustic element but don’t know where to start, I say start to add some branches. The shape and thickness of the branches will change the whole feel of your bouquet. Slim and light colored branches give a softer and more delicate look while structured and thicker branches create a more dramatic look.

Image credits (from top): Martha Stewart Weddings | Martha Stewart Weddings via Branchesfloral | Ashleysbrideguide | weddingwire

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