Top most difficult questions from guests

Wedding is an occasion that everyone wants to contribute their idea and opinions. Your aunt may want to have a word of your choice of restaurant and a friend doesn’t like your choice of the wedding dress. Even though everyone seems that their opinions and advice will help the bride and the groom to better prepare for their big day, these comments and advices may just put more stress on the future wedded couple.
Below are some frequent questions that you may receive from your wedding guests. These are difficult questions that may make you feel uneasy when answering them so the best is to avoid answering all together if possible. Do not let questions like these pressure you, you already have enough stress to handle.

What is your wedding budget?
If you’re wondering if you have to answer this question, the answer is no. absolutely no. You totally have the right to not answer this kind of question. As when you answer this question, it will open another can of worms, the person might comment on the way you plan your wedding and may give unnecessary advices that will only give you more stress. So you only need to answer “Just enough” for this question.

Can you please do not set your wedding day on these dates?
No one except you should decide when you can get married. This is your big day and you should be able to decide when you want to have it (except in some cases the parents may have a voice in this matter). Thus requesting you to change your big day for their own comfort is inappropriate.

Why don’t you invite … [name of the person]?
If you have your own reason, or the reason is quite obvious to the person who asks, you should avoid answering this question. Many brides have had problems later after answering this question to friends. It’s your wedding and you should be able to invite anyone that you want, do not let anyone guilt-tripping you!

difficult questions from guests
You don't have to answer all the questions about your wedding


Do you get the inspiration for your wedding from … [some person’s wedding]?
This is another inappropriate question to ask. Inspirations can be found anywhere, the sources for inspirations are unlimited with the use of internet and magazines for example. You don’t have to care if someone questions your creativity and originality.

Is this wedding dress really suitable for you?
Some people may comment negatively on your choice of wedding dress. They may say that the dress makes you look fatter, older, shorter… You do not have to care about these comments. If you feel that the dress is your style and makes you feel confident, you should stick to your choice!

Other inappropriate questions are such as: Who are going to pay for your wedding? Why don’t you go to [some place] in your honeymoon? Or comments such as “You should have chosen roses for your centerpieces.” , “That wedding menu is not elegant enough”. Of course advices and comments could be constructive, however you should only take into account advices that actually make sense and come from the most trusted people. You do not have to take into account all comments or answer all the questions their guests give you. Be a brave bride and have confidence in your decisions!

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