Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas On a Budget

Buying gifts for groomsmen is always more difficult than buying gifts for bridesmaids. Women craze over little useless cute things while men enjoy more gifts that are practical and classy. You don’t have to spend a ton to get wonderful gifts for your groomsmen. To ensure that you won’t spend too much, set a fixed budget and only look at gifts that are within your budget. Below are a few popular groomsmen gift ideas to get you started with.

Glasses for alcohol

These are gifts that almost everyone will appreciate, from the most uptight person to the most casual one. Either it’s a uniquely designed martini glass or some traditional wine glasses, your groomsman will find use for them and think of your wedding everytime he uses it.

groomsmen gift ideas mug

{image via pcolaweddingcreations}

Sport watch

If your groomsman is a sport lover, a sport watch is a wonderful choice. This might not be the cheapest idea, but it will be a present that your friend uses for many years to come.


Wallet is like a man’s best friend. A wallet that suits your friend’s style and favorite color will be highly appreciated and used for years later.

Pocket knife

Pocket knives are not only useful during trips but your friends can find use for it in daily life. You can also order engravable knives with some meaningful text on them to make the gifts more personalized and memorable.

Cooler bags

This is another very manly gift idea, especially if your friends are the outdoor type. Many websites even offer personalized MP3 cooler bags so your friend can listen to his favorite songs while enjoying a beer in a park. The prices for these MP3 cooler bags are somewhere from $40 to $60 a piece.

groomsmen gift ideas mp3 cooler bags

 {image via gentlemint}

Shoe shine kit

Want to help your groomsmen brush up his appearance? You can buy separate items and assemble the kit yourself or buy a ready-made shoe shine kit. Prices for a kit with 6-7 items start from $22 in many websites such as Gifts for Professionals.

I also have found some websites that offer personalized groomsmen gifts. You can order from these websites or browse through them to find more gift ideas:

Engraved Gift Creations: http://www.engravedgiftcreations.com

Gift For Professionals: http://www.giftsforprofessionals.com – You can find here many classy gifts at very affordable prices.

My Groomsmen Gifts: http://www.giftsforprofessionals.com – You can get more ideas as well as find a good variety of gifts in constant discounts here.

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