Potted Lavender Wedding Centerpieces

I love potted plants. I love lavender. Why not combining both for an inexpensive, beautiful and fragrant centerpiece? These potted lavender centerpieces are long-lasting and versatile as they can also be used as favors for guests or planted in your garden after the wedding. Even if you live in the city and do not have your own garden, you can fill your balcony and your flat with the relaxing aroma of these lavender pots.

Rustic potted lavender, alternating with rose centerpiece and surrounded by peaches

potted lavender centerpieceSimple lavender centerpiece in white pot – a clean and elegant lookpotted lavender centerpiece

A unique centerpiece idea: potted lavender mixed with mint. You can also mix with other types of herbs for a garden wedding. The smell would be heavenly!

potted lavender mint centerpiece

Lavender pots wrapped in purple paper in clear bowls

potted lavender centerpieces Photo credits: Picture 1 by Elizabeth Messina Photography via Projectwedding | Picture 2 via Emerald green weddings | Picture 3 by NY Engagements via Emerald green weddings | Picture 4 by Adie Gately via A life style thing

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