Caramel Apple Centerpieces and Favors

Caramel apples are usually used as wedding favors or served at the candy buffet as they look great, smell great and taste so yummy! How have you ever thought of these candy apples as wedding centerpieces? Some people have made these centerpieces in their weddings and they look just as beautiful as any floral centerpieces. Usually they are placed in a plate with fall leaves or petals underneath. These caramel apples are also very cheap and easy to make. Near to Nothing has a picture tutorial on how to make these caramel apples. You can make a big batch of them a few days in advance and keep in the fridge until the big day.

caramel apple wedding centerpieces{via Country Living}

caramel apples fall leaves centerpiece

{via aveniabridal}

caramel apple centerpiece

{via the party dress}

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