DIY Paper Airplane Wedding Centerpieces

I love paper planes! I used to make tons of them during elementary school and have competition with my friends to see whose plane flew the farthest. That’s why when I saw the first paper airplane wedding centerpiece, I thought that I had to share this idea here on my blog immediately. These centerpieces fit the best if you have a travel themed wedding, or if the couple was in a long distance relationship. Paper airplanes are also somehow nostalgic as they remind us of our childhood, thus are also suitable for a back to school themed wedding. Paper airplanes come in many designs, you can try different designs in advance to see which design you like the best for your wedding centerpieces. There is an awesome picture tutorial on how to make different types of paper planes on 9GAG that I highly recommend you check it out!

Below are some paper airplane centerpieces I have found for your inspirations. You can mix some flowers or branches with paper airplanes for a centerpiece or use only paper airplanes in your wedding colors.

paper plane centerpiece {by Rachel Ray via Swanky Tables Blog}

paper plane wedding centerpieces{by Caroline Tran}

paper airplane branches centerpieces{via Love Your Lizzie}

paper plane centerpiece table number{via TheKnot

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