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I love flowers, I love their beauty and the effect they create. However, flowers can be expensive so it might take some careful planning to create the effect that you want with the budget that you have.

When planning your wedding it’s important to consider your budget for flowers and just how important they are to you for your ceremony and reception. With a little bit of creativity flowers can easily be substituted for or even omitted in certain places.

For example, flowerless centerpieces can be created. If you are having a theme wedding this is relatively easy – incorporate some sort of themed object or display on each table. Actually, centerpieces themselves can be omitted depending on the ambiance and the tables used. One wedding I went to was a rustic/shabby chic wedding. The tables provided at the wedding were large, beautiful trestle tables. The tables themselves were perfect and required no adornment. The only things found on those tables were the wedding favors – different stone coasters with the wedding date printed on the back.

Another decision to be made is if you (or a friend, or your wedding party) are going to DIY the flowers or if you are going to hire a florist. Florists are definitely more expensive, but they’ll take out the hassle and the fuss. Personally, I recommend getting some help from family or friends and doing the flowers yourself. Or you can even hire a florist as the director and arrange for your friends and family to do the majority of the work. This can also cut the price down.

Another route is to have a florist do specific aspects of flowers and doing the rest yourself – if you have your heart set on an elaborate and difficult bouquet, you can get yours done by a florist, but put together the bridesmaids’ bouquets and centerpieces yourself.

DIYing your Flowers
Buy in Bulk – There are a number of resources for this including: Sam’s Club and Costco. The roses at Costco are under a dollar a stem right now for a box of 100. There are other websites such as and that you can check out as well. If you are looking for unusual flowers then check out bloomsbythebox and fiftyflowers. Costco tends to have the more popular flowers at cheaper prices. One cool thing about Sam’s Club is you can buy a pack of ready made bouquets usually 7-10 bouquets. If there is a stock bouquet you like, this might be a great option of you.

PINTEREST – I suggest spending time on Pinterest for all wedding inspiration and ideas – this is probably my favorite site ever for all things wedding. I spend a lot of time pinning, you can check out and follow my pins, and you can find other pinners to follow.
The Dollar Store – The dollar store is a surprising (and very budget friendly) place to pick up some wedding supplies. This is a great place to get vases and flower arranging supplies. They have a surprising amount of options. You can also check out different dollar stores in your area as different stores carry slightly different selections.

Thrift Stores – This is another great place to pick up vases on the cheap, though if you want all of your vases to be exactly the same this probably not the option for you. Almost every thrift store has a wide variety of glassware. (This is also a great place to pick up teacups if you are incorporating them into your theme.)

Happy Planning!

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