Tips for having pets in weddings

If you have a friend who you see every day and has been with you for many years, of course you would want to have him or her in your wedding. Yes, I am talking about pets, our most loyal friends in the world. However including pets in weddings could create some complication. Therefore if you decide to have these family members in your wedding ceremonies, the following tips might help:

Make sure pets are allowed in the wedding venue

Call in advanced and ask if the wedding venue has a policy that allows pets. Many wedding ceremony venues do not allow pets inside, especially if it is a religious or historic venue. If you are having a destination wedding, remember to call the hotel in advance to make sure it is pet friendly.

Make sure that none of the guests has any pet allergy

One or a few of your guests or wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen) might have an allergy to dogs or cats or do not feel comfortable around them. In this case you would have to leave your little friend at home.

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Dress your pets to go with the wedding theme

Dress up your dog or cat for the wedding. Make your pets a part of the celebration. There are many clothes rental places that rent out pet wedding attire and accessories. Make sure that the fabric of the clothes does not create any bad reaction with the pet’s skin. Also many dogs and cats do not feel comfortable having clothes on them, be sure that your little friends like having the outfit on and will not try to rip it off during the ceremony.

Make sure the flowers you put on your pet are edible

Many of you might want to dress up your pet by putting on garlands or flowers on its collar. Pets might bite off some flowers during the wedding, thus make sure the flowers are edible and not toxic. Some types of flowers that are toxic to animals are lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and pink carnations.

Only allow well-behaving pets in the wedding

Your pet can be allowed in the wedding if he/she is well-behaving and follows orders immediately. Also ensure that your dog or cat is comfortable being with strangers. You will not want your little friend to jump at any new person he/she sees at the wedding. In other to make your pet to get used to being around strangers, you can bring him/her to the rehearsal dinner.

Do not bring puppies or kittens in your wedding, even though they are awfully cute, they are also not trained and can act very unpredictably.

Keep your pet’s favorite treat close by

It is a good idea to bring along some of the dog or cat’s treats in the wedding. You would want to reward your pet for being so obedient and act so well in your wedding.

And last but not least, remember to bath your pet carefully before the wedding. During the wedding day, you can also have someone bath them in the middle of the day. You would not want your pet to have any “special” smell that can bother the guests.

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