Pink Carnation Centerpieces in White Vases

Simple pink and fuchsia carnation centerpieces in small white vases. Even though carnations are considered “supermarket flowers”, they are by all means one of the best choice for floral wedding centerpieces. They are cheap, beautiful and will last a long time, even in the summer heat. These white vases help the pink color pop and stand out. You can find these small vases in IKEA for around $2-3 per piece. If you have small tables, you can put one vase per table, or around 3-4 vases for bigger ones.

carnation centerpieces white small vasesImage via Weebly

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5 thoughts on “Pink Carnation Centerpieces in White Vases

  1. Kristen Nay Kloth – Yikes….did this get posted to face book? 🙂 this is an old post, but a florist friend of mine in Rochester just posted this in a private forum, and didn't know it was mine. So funny!

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