Flowers in Milk Bottle Wedding Centerpieces

For brides who are looking for cheap vases for their wedding centerpieces, milk bottles can be great alternatives. They are cheap, pretty and look identical to each other. My mum has collected a good amount of milk jugs over years so if any of your family members of friends have a similar hobby, you might even get these milk bottles for free.You can also find vintage milk bottles from flea markets and craft stores for around $2 – 5 a piece.

A pretty arrangement with different types of flowers and plants in 3 milk bottles. The wooden stand and the books add a vintage touch to the whole design.

milk bottle wedding centerpieces

A casual and unique looking centerpiece for intimate weddings and dinner parties: glass milk bottles of identical size grouped together by twine. The wildflowers give the whole arrangement an intimate and relaxing feeling.

milk bottle wedding centerpieces wrapped raffia

milk jug wedding centerpieces

An assortment of different flowers in glass milk bottles glass milk bottle centerpieces

Photo credits (from top): Theknot, Countryliving, Elizabeth Anne Designs, loveolio

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