Simple Spider Mum Wedding Centerpieces

A way to save money on floral decorations is to use big and long lasting flowers as you only need one or a few of them to make a centerpiece. I love spider mums for this reason and also because they make inexpensive and fresh looking centerpieces. Here are a few spider mum centerpiece ideas to get you inspired:

Spider mums make beautiful single flower centerpieces. You can use any type of small and slim vases for them, I have seen people using shot glasses as containers for spider mums, very simple and pretty!

single spider mum centerpieces

I found this creative green spider mum and apple centerpieces on cfabbridesigns. You only need to core the apple, place a small piece of floral foam inside and tuck in a stemless spider mum.

green spider mum apple centerpieces

Simple round green spider mum centerpiece. I love the fullness look of this centerpiece. You only need a few spider mums to create the same look.

green spider mum centerpiece

A few willow branches make the spider mum centerpieces more modern

green spider mum branch centerpieces

Photo credits (from top): Kristyn Hogan Photography via Branchingouteventflorist | cfabbridesigns | The French bouquet | thebackyardgardenerkz

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